What can kids make with chalk? The best chalk art idea to try is a floating chalk print. It’s seriously the coolest thing ever!

A year ago I was introduced to floating chalk prints by Cassie Stephens. My mind was blown! Several years ago I went to Italy and saw an amazing marbling paper technique. I’ve always wanted to find a kid-friendly technique that was similar, and floating chalk prints is it!

Your kids will love this simple chalk art idea! We even tried a festive twist since it’s Easter time and cut a few papers into eggs.

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Chalk is a tool that’s pulled out a lot with kids. It’s easy to find and can be used in so many ways. Floating chalk prints are my favorite way to create with chalk!

Why is chalk a good tool for kids?

There are so many benefits that can come from creating with chalk!

  • Chalk is a great fine motor tool for developing your child’s pincer grasp and encouraging them to grip things correctly (like their pencil)!
  • Chalk is also very versatile and can be used for art indoors and outside.

What do you need to try this simple chalk art idea?

To make a floating chalk print you need the following things:

How do you make a floating chalk print?

Here are the steps.

  1. Scrape the chalk with a craft stick over a basic of water. Cover the whole top of the water with chalk. **Make sure no one touches the water or it will disturb the process.

2. Place a piece of paper on top of the chalk on the top of the water and gently press down. Make sure each part of the paper touches the water.

We cut our paper into egg shapes for Easter.

3. Pull the paper off the water and check out the design you created! These are always so beautiful!

4. Repeat again with more chalk and a new piece of paper.

Lay the prints out face up on the floor or table to let them dry.

This chalk art process is so addicting you won’t want to stop!

Kids can experiment with where they put the chalk and how they press it down to create different designs each time. My favorite part is that single creation is always different!

What’s the best chalk to use?

We learned this technique from Cassie and she says the best chalk to use are the two types of chalk listed below.

We have only tried this art activity with those types of chalk. You can totally try a different type and see if it works as well, but we can’t guarantee it!

Regular sidewalk chalk doesn’t have enough color in it!

What do kids learn from drawing with chalk?

  • Kids can explore colors and work on color recognition.
  • They can build their find motor skills as they draw and scrape.
  • Kids can develop creativity and use their imaginations.
  • They can work together with others and practice sharing.
  • And of course they can also learn another cool way to have fun!

What happens if the whole piece of chalk falls into the water?

Just leave it in the water and don’t worry about it until you’re all done creating.

What are some other ways to create & play with chalk?

Here are two favorites we love:

Make chalk fireworks

Play chalk & water games

Do you have any other favorite chalk art ideas for kids?