Chalk Fireworks: An awesome and festive fine motor activity for kids.

This might be the easiest fine motor activity you can set up- you only need two things! You can add this activity to your Fourth of July line-up, Lunar New Year celebrations, and more! There are so many celebrations where fireworks art can be included.

The basic supply list:

To get started with this simple chalk fine motor activity, you’ll only need a few supplies!

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The quick and easy set up!

It’s so easy to set up this simple chalk fireworks fine motor activity! All you need to do is put your black paper on a tray to contain the mess (a baking sheet would work too!) and grab your chalk and put it near the paper!

Pro tip: Put chalk in a small bowl next to the paper to give kids a visual spot for where to return the chalk when they are done. Putting chalk back into boxes can be hard for little kids.

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This chalk fireworks fine motor activity is a great way to introduce your child to drawing lines! Vertical and horizontal lines are some of the first pre-writing strokes kids learn.

Drawing vertical lines is one of the first strokes of writing that kids can master as they are developing their writing skills. Next comes horizontal lines. You can demonstrate how to draw simple lines on the black paper and have them try their own.

Each child’s version of their chalk fireworks will look different and there is no wrong way to make them! Show them how they can make a vertical or horizontal line if they want and then let them explore the materials.

Pre-Writing Strokes Development for Kids

Here’s a quick overview of pre-writing strokes development for kids.

What is pincer grasp?

The pincer grasp is the way you use your index finger and thumb to pick up and grasp an item. Each time you hold a pencil or button your shirt, you’re using the pincer grasp.

A weak pincer grasp can make it hard for kids to write, color, and cut.

Chalk is a great fine motor tool for developing your child’s pincer grasp and encouraging them to grip things correctly (like their pencil)!

Using small pieces of chalk is helpful for teaching kids to grip things like pencils and helps make writing easy for little hands. Kids naturally grip small pieces of chalk with the tips of their fingers. This helps them develop the fine motor skills needed for writing and using their fingers in other ways.

Chalk is often a tool that we use outside on pavement but we forget that it’s a great indoor art tool too!

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Do you have any other favorite fireworks themed fine motor activities or art activities we should try? Tell us in the comments!