Looking for something quick to set up that’s not just a holiday craft? Try a Christmas science activity using oil and water!

I love simple science activities! Not only do they help kids practice problem solving and observation skills, they are just plain fun!

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How do you do an Oil and Water Experiment?

Oil and water don’t mix! Oils are something called ‘hydrophobic,” which means they fear water. This means that when oil and water come into contact with one another, they repel each other.

To do this oil and water experiment, all you have to do is put the two liquids in contact with one another and watch what happens.

This Christmas science activity is so easy and you probably have almost all of these materials at your house already!

Here are the materials you’ll need:

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Here’s how to set up this simple Christmas science activity:

Start by filling up two cups with water.

Then add some green coloring into one cup and some red coloring into another cup. Now that you’ve got some red and green, we’re ready to call this a Christmas activity!

Fill up another cup with baby oil.

Finally, squeeze the colored water into the oil. Watch what happens!

Want to take this experiment up a notch? Add in an alka selter tablet and see what happens. Check out this bubbling lava lamp experiment from Steve Spangler.

What can kids work on doing this activity?

Science activities are great for teaching so many important skills. Kids can work on:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Observation
  • Problem solving
  • Cause and effect
  • Grip strength (this is a great fine motor skills activity)
  • Finger strength (as they squeeze the droppers)

This activity is so awesome for building fine motor skills!

Building fine motor skills can help kids in all areas of life. Having strong finger muscles and grip strength can help kids with things like holding a spoon, zipping up a coat, or even drawing with a crayon.

The stronger their muscles, the easier it is for kids to do things like writing or coloring or tying their shoes! You can set your child up for future success by finding fun and engaging activities, like this oil and water experiment, that double as a fine motor skills strengthening activity too!

This is such a quick & easy to set up activity that kids will hardly realize they’re learning too!

Easy to set up Christmas oil and water experiment