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Here is a simple set of colouring valentine cards for kids to print and make.

The cards come in four different designs with a friendship theme, so they are perfect for kids to give to a special person they love – or to all of their friends!

Get the colouring card template here

Valentines Day colouring cards

Valentine’s Day is an occasion that always creeps up on me before I have time to design many crafts or printables. This is not by choice – I love designing love-based crafts.

By the time the Australian Summer holidays have ended and the girls have gone back to school, I only have a week or so to get some ideas up. Usually it feels too late to bother, but this year I’m determined to get some ideas up and out there for you, even if it is a bit late.

Earlier this week we shared some ‘bee mine’ chocolate valentine wrappers, and today it’s printable colouring Valentine’s Day cards.

They have been designed with kids in mind, but let’s face it, they’re suitable for any age!

Owl be yours valentines colouring card

printable cat valentines day colouring card

Making the folded colouring valentine cards

  1. Print to light card stock. The file is US Letter-sized, so if you are printing to A4 size you need to centre the page on your print menu.
  2. Score horizontal fold line by placing a ruler against the marker lines
    and creating an indent with a scoring tool or a blunt butter knife
  3. Cut along vertical line to separate into two cards
  4. Fold into a card – it should fold easily with your scored fold line
  5. Colour in the graphic and write in the card

printable VAlentines Day coloring cards for kids

Making the colouring valentine post cards

  1. Print to light card stock
  2. Cut into four postcards
  3. Colour in the graphic and write your message on the back of the postcard

printable colouring Valentine postcards

Here’s a finished ‘Swan of a kind’ card…

Swan of a kind Valentine printable colouring card

You can the set of colouring cards in our printables store.

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