A Christmas activity that works on fine motor skills AND keeps my kids busy so I can get a few minutes of peace?? Sign me up!

This easy Christmas fine motor activity is the holiday version of our popular Connect the Sticker activity! It’s so quick to set up and is chock full of learning opportunities too!

This activity has come in handy several times over the past year as I’ve been helping my big kids with school work and need to get my littlest one distracted for a few minutes.

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This Connect the Sticker Christmas game is so easy!

Here are the details for setting it up:

First you need to gather all of the materials. These are all are part of my top 10 toddler activity tools so I like to always keep them on hand.

  • Roll of paper
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape
  • Markers
  • Stickers

Next you need to prep your Christmas tree!

  1. Roll out the paper and cut off a piece.
  2. Tape it to the wall with painters tape.
  3. Draw a Christmas tree on the paper with markers.
  4. (Optional) Draw some alphabet letters or numbers on the tree as “ornaments.”

Now you’re ready to play!

How do you play this Christmas sticker activity?

Start by encouraging your child to peel off stickers and put them onto the Christmas tree!

We like to write letters from my daughter’s name on the tree for her to cover up with the stickers. It’s an easy literacy activity that helps her start to recognize the letters in her name. 

Next, encourage your child to connect the stickers using a marker.

Draw from one sticker (aka ornament) to the next. It almost makes it look like there are colorful garlands going across the Christmas tree in a bunch of different ways. The child doesn’t need to only connect stickers that look the same, she can connect all the stickers. 

What do you learn from this Christmas fine motor activity?

  • Simple pre-writing stills as you practice drawing straight lines (or curvy lines)
  • New vocabulary words as you talk about the stickers.
  • How to notice different letters (or numbers) and say their name while covering them with a sticker.
  • Writing can be fun! 
  • Creativity! 

This is a fun jumping off activity to help kids use their own creativity! Once my daughter had drawn lines to all of the stickers, she decided to design some additional ornaments and decorate the tree more with her own drawings.

I loved seeing her creativity as she moved beyond the framework I’d set up for her and made this activity her own.

The goal of all of the activities that I set up for my kids is to inspire more creating!

Often parents are stressed about introducing writing utensils to kids. When you introduce writing tools in simple, relaxed, and fun ways, like through this connect the sticker activity, you set kids up for writing success and help them feel excited about it instead of dreading it. 

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Do you have any other favorite Christmas fine motor activities you’ve tried? Tell us in the comments!