girl drawing marker lines from one sticker to the matching sticker

How can you learn with stickers? This Connect the Stickers fine motor activity is a great way to start!

Sticker activities like this are great for building vocabulary. You can also practice visual discrimination when you match AND you can work on drawing straight lines which is a great pre-writing activity.

I love to pull out this activity when I need to occupy my preschooler. This came in handy several times while my big kids worked on school work over this past year and I need to help them and get my littlest distracted with something else!

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big paper stuck to the wall with stickers on it and markers and stickers on the floor

This Connect the Sticker Matching game is so easy! Here are the details:

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four sheets of stickers, Paw patrol, hearts, and smiley faces

How to set up our Connect the stickers game

  • Tape a piece of paper to the floor or wall. I like changing it up from floor to wall.

** Writing on a vertical surface improves wrist extension and pencil grasp because it naturally puts the wrist in an extended position which encourages a better position.

  • Grab some stickers and you’re ready to play!

Connect the Sticker Game Instructions:

  • Start by sticking at least two of each stickers on the paper. You can do this ahead of time or have your kiddo do it. Sticking stickers is a great fine motor activity.
  • Next, connect the stickers by drawing a line from one to the matching one with a marker or pencil or crayon.
  • Repeat until all stickers are connected!

What do you learn from this fine motor sticker game?

  • New vocabulary words
  • How to notice and match stickers that are the same (this is called visual discrimination)
  • Simple pre-writing stills as you practice drawing straight lines

How can you adapt this for older kids?

Use alphabet stickers and have them connect the alphabet letters or even draw lines to connect each letter in their name or spell words. There are so many ways you can adapt this!

We’ve also played connect the alphabet stickers instead of regular picture stickers before to help kids practice letter recognition.

Here are a few other fun sticker activities we love:

Do you have any other favorite ways you play and learn with stickers? Tell us in the comments!

girl drawing a line on a large piece of paper from one sticker to another with a marker