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Today we’re sharing over 40 cool crafts for tweens. Technically, that includes kids aged 10-12, but there’s plenty of wiggle room when it comes to age with this list of ideas. Kids who are a little bit younger or older would enjoy them too.

We’ve got DIY jewelry, stationery, beauty DIYs, art ideas, bedroom decor, sewing projects, and more!

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Cool crafts for tweens - easy crafts and activities for older kids

Do you have a bored tween at home? I know—it’s hard for them to get bored these days with the amount of digital entertainment going around. But when you take the screens away, tweens still adore making DIYs and crafts. 

Kids at this age are clever and capable, have the ability to wield a hot glue gun or sewing needle with ease, and have tons of creative ideas. 

Let’s encourage that!

This collection of tween crafts and activities includes both things I’ve made with my girls (currently 11 and 13), and also some ideas from our blogger friends around the world.

Cool crafts for tweens

teen craft ideas - beauty product DIYs

DIY hair accessories tweens can make — tween craft ideas

DIY jewellry ideas for tweens

DIY jewelry crafts for kids and tweens

Fun sewing projects for tweens

more cool tween craft ideas

Easy craft ideas for tweens

tween crafts and DIYs

easy art and craft ideas for tweens

cool tween recycling projects

easy tween crafts and DIY projects

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Over 40 cool crafts and activities for tweens