What’s an easy sensory bin to set up? You won’t believe how popular this cornmeal sensory bin for kids can be!

Cornmeal can be used anytime during the year for a quick to set up sensory bin! You don’t need any special materials. You can just use what’s around your house and in your baking drawer.

Why are sensory bin good for kids?

There are so many reasons to use sensory bins with your kids! Sensory play helps develop are variety of skills. Here are a few of them!

  • Physical skills (like scooping, molding, shaping)
  • Cognitive skills (as they explore different materials, problem solve, count, measure, and learn about new textures and sensations)
  • Language skills (as they work together, take turns, talk about what they’re doing)
  • Hand-eye coordination (as kids explore the materials and scoop and grab and manipulate materials with both their hands)
  • Science skills (as kids experiment with cause and effect and gravity)
  • And more!

What age is a cornmeal sensory bin good for?

Cornmeal is a taste safe sensory bin filler, so its great for kids of all ages! Toddlers who are still taste testing everything can play with cornmeal.

As with everything we post, adults should always be supervising kids when doing these activities.

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What you need for this cornmeal sensory bin for kids

I’ve included some of the optional tools we used with our bin. You can use whatever you have around the house though!

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Have you tried a cornmeal sensory bin before? Do you have any other favorite easy sensory bin fillers that are taste safe? Please share!