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These super cute craft stick bee puppets are what I call a double whammy craft. I love double whammy crafts!

What I mean by ‘double whammy’ is that they are two activities rolled into one; a fun Spring or Summer-themed craft, and a DIY toy for play. If you are learning about bees or mini-beasts they could be educational as well.

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craft stick bee puppet craft for kids

Last week I was working on some firefly craft concepts (I’ll have more of these to share soon). When I’d finished crafting the fireflies there was way too much leftover paint, and I hate wasting paint — it’s expensive!

So I threw in one more project to use up the paint which turned out to be these cute craft stick bees. They are super easy and quick to make, here’s how.

How to make craft stick bee puppets:

You will need:

How to:

Paint a yellow head and some stripes, ending the stripes halfway down your craft stick

bee puppets step 1

Paint on the black stripes, and allow to dry.

bee craft step 2

Cut the tissue paper into squares approximately 10cm x 6cm (4×2.3″).

Tissue paper squares

Roll each strip up horizontally and pinch it together in the middle. Twist it (gently, or it will tear). Glue them on using a dab of craft glue.

Trim two very thin strips from the card stock for antennae. Ours are about 6cm long (2.3″). Glue them on.

Wait until the glue is dry before turning over and drawing a face on with black marker.

bee craft – make a bee craft stick puppet

All done.

You could extend this project by creating a cereal box puppet theatre for your bees — then put on a show!

Bee books for kids


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