Help kids celebrate our amazing planet with more than 30 fun Earth Day crafts and activities!

This collection of ideas from bloggers around the world includes everything from process art to recycling crafts, sewing projects, printables and more.

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More than 30 fun Earth day crafts and activities for kids

With all of the excitement around Easter-themed crafting, poor old Earth Day often gets forgotten. That’s such a shame because taking care of our planet has never been more important. 

I’m embarrassed to say that in the past I’ve been guilty of flooding my own blog with pastel bunny, chick and egg crafts and until this year had zero Earth Day ideas at all!

To make up for it, this year I decided to focus on Earth Day in earlier in the year instead of in April (when we’re bound to get side tracked yet again). I’ve collected all of our ideas into one blog post along with lots of creative inspiration from the wider kid blogging community. You’re sure to find something for all ages and abilities here.

30+ Earth Day crafts and activities for kids

earth and hands craft, earth party hat craft, happy earth man craft, earth paper plate craft

earth day sewing craft, earth paper spinner, earth dirt craft

earth day mosaic, earth handprint art, earth newspaper art, earth day lorax craft

paper towel earth sun catcher, earth marble art, earth paper quill art, torn paper earth craft

earth day paper hat, finger print earth day art, coffee filter earth day art, earth toasts

earth day slime, earth day board game, earth day paper craft, earth day marble painting

Earth day cup craft, black glue earth day craft, seed craft and earth pom pom

layers of the earth craft, recycled plastic squids and earth day pop up book

Earth Day ideas for kids - seed paper, washi tape trees, recycled lid necklaces and marbled plant pot

I hope you found something to inspire you here, the only question must be which fun idea to try first!

30 fun Earth day crafts kids will love. Printables, gardening ideas, process art, recycling crafts and more! #kidscrafts #earthday #kidsactivities