Need a cool Easter art project for toddlers and preschoolers? Try Easter egg scrape art! It’s such a fun process art experience for kids!

I was introduced to scrape art many years ago when I took some book arts classes. I was reintroduced to it by my friend Rachelle’s book Art Starts! You can see my first scrape art experience with my preschooler here.

This week we decided to do our own scrape art project with an Easter twist!

This Easter art activity was so addicting and colorful! I had as much fun with it as the kids!

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How do you set up for Easter egg scrape art?

It’s so easy to set up for scrape painting and only takes a few minutes!

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What you need for this:


How do you do this Easter egg scrape art?

It’s so easy you won’t believe it!

1. Squeeze some paint into a muffin tin or onto a plate.

2. Add some Q-tips for kids to paint with. I like to put one Q-tip per paint color to encourage kids to not mix the colors.

3. Decorate the egg shaped papers with Q-tips and paint.

4. Scrape across the paint and paper with a piece of cardboard.

5. Repeat.

Don’t they turn out gorgeous?!

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Scrape painting is a super cool open-ended process centered art activity!

It is so addictive and fun to repeat over and over again!

What is process art?

Process art is a type of art that focus on the art making experience and NOT on the end result. The end result of the art project might be beautiful, but the main focus is on creating with the materials and exploring and enjoying the experiences, versus the end product of the art activity.

Process art allows kids to make choices, problem solve, and explore materials. Because there are no specific steps to follow and no sample projects, kids can use their own imaginations and aren’t limited to what other people think they should create.

Process art is my favorite type of art because it allows kids to express themselves and share their personalities too.

Have you tried scrape painting before? Tell me about it!

Do you have any other favorite Easter art activities you love? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!