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Potato stamp art is so much fun! Today we’re sharing how to make simple potato stamp bunnies and chicks for Easter or Spring.

You can create wall art with your potato stamping, turn them into Easter cards or even handmade gift wrap. So cute, and easy enough for all age groups too.

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Easter potato stamp art idea for kids. Make potato stamp bunnies or chicks as cards or wall art

Years ago, when my girls were small, we created potato stamp chicks for Easter.

I decided to revisit the project again this year so I could make a tutorial video and add in a bunny version of the stamping art. The bunnies turned out so sweet with a little thumbprint tail. If you wanted to you could switch the thumbprint for a glued-on pom pom instead.

bunny potato stamp art

We’ve used baby potatoes to make these bunnies and chicks, but they would work just as well with large potatoes too. 

Let’s get started …


How to make Easter potato stamp art

You will need:

  • small washed potatoes
  • Sharp knife and cutting board
  • card stock paper to print on
  • kitchen sponge
  • acrylic paint
  • sharpie markers

How to:

Chop a potato in half vertically. With one half trim a small piece from the top, this becomes the head. With the other, cut it in half again vertically to make two ears. Trim a small piece from the end of each ear. The body is simply another potato cut in half.

bunny potato stamp shape

The chick stamp is one potato cut in half (horizontally or vertically, it doesn’t matter), then one half cut in half again to make the wings.

chick potato shape for Easter potato stamping

Cut a kitchen sponge in half horizontally to make two rectangular pieces. These become your ‘ink pads’. Place them in a plastic container or an egg carton lid. Squirt paint directly onto them and squish and rub it in a bit. We’ve used white for the bunny and a warm yellow for the chick. 

Get your paper ready. If you’re using white paint for your bunny you’ll need a coloured sheet of paper to print on. You can fold it on half so your printing becomes a card or just print on a full sheet to make wall art.

For the bunny, start by printing the head shape with the flattened part at the top. Then print on some ears above the head and a body at a slight angle underneath it. Use a thumbprint to make the tail. Allow to dry.

bunny potato stamp printing

Here is a card version with two bunnies printed.

bunny potato stamp card printing card printing

To make the chick, print the circle part for the body and then print the wings on. You can alternate them on your chicks to point up or down. Allow to dry.

chicks potato printing

Once dry, draw the facial details on the bunny by adding pink inside the ears and a little pink nose, and two black eyes.

drawing facial details on the bunny

For the chick, draw a beak and two legs in orange, and two little black eyes.

drawing details on the chick.

All done! They really brighten up the wall for Easter – or somebody’s day if you’re making cards.

cute bunny easter card made from potato stamps

chick card and artwork

Happy stamping!

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