Need an easy Easter activity to try? Try this simple Easter sticker art activity for kids! No paint or real eggs required!

This is a great activity to pull out when your morning is dragging and you need something to speed up the day till nap time! You can use whatever you have around the house- crayons, stickers, markers, etc!

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What do you need for this Easter sticker art activity?

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Here are the materials to try this decorate the eggs activity:

How do you set up this easy Easter activity?

You won’t believe how simple & quick it is!

  1. Tape down a big piece of white paper to the floor or table or wall.
  2. Draw some eggs on the paper with markers. Kids can help too.
  3. Give kids markers, paint sticks, crayons, stickers, jewels, etc. to start decorating the eggs.

It’s that easy!

Why should we try making this Easter egg sticker art activity?

The Easter activity is fun! It is also filled with so many different things that kids can learn that will help them later in life.

Here are some things kids can learn from this activity:

  • Color names and color mixing as they draw and blend colors and trade. colored paint sticks with each other.
  • Fine motor skills as kids draw and write.
  • Creativity as kids design their eggs.
  • Hand-eye coordination as kids manipulate the tools.
  • Counting as kids count how many eyes or dots or other details they add to their eggs.
  • So much more!

This open-ended art activity has no set requirements for how it’s supposed to look when kids are done with it. Set out the materials and encourage kids to use them to create how they would like. Kids may color on the eggs and around the eggs. They may even come up with a story about the eggs while they color and draw.

Ask your child about their art when they’re done creating. See if they can tell you their favorite part or explain specific details about what they drew.

Kids will love this!

Do you have any other Easter sticker activities you’ve tried? Share below!