Does dinner time feel a little crazy around your house? How can you keep your kids busy? Here are some easy activities for kids while you make dinner!

Kids grabbing your legs, wanting you to play or read a book, or help them with a project can make things feel chaotic any time of the day, but especially when everyone’s hungry and you’re trying to pull something together for dinner.

No need for fancy activities. Just grab a roll of paper and some painter’s tape and try this simple idea OR pick one of these awesome ideas for when mom and dad are busy.

Don’t feel guilty. This is the perfect time for you to teach your kids some simple independent skills that are critical for them to learn.

Your child’s kindergarten teacher will thank you someday!

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What you need for these easy activities:

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How to set up these easy activities for kids while you make dinner!

  1. Start by laying down a roll of paper on the table.
  2. Cut it to fit the top of the table and then tape it in place.
  3. Now you’re ready for some simple activities!

Here are a few easy ideas!

1. Make magformer and magnatile creations on the paper. Trace and color them!

2. Draw roads or train tracks on the paper. Drive cars and trains around on them and play!

3. Draw with crayons and pencils on the table like you’re at one of those restaurants that gives kids crayons and lets them draw on the table before dinner.

There are so many simple ideas you can try, but I love these ones because they are a fun way to keep the kids occupied while I supervise them and make dinner.

If I’m waiting for something to bake or boil, I can even sit down and color along with them!

Drawing can be such a calming activity, especially during a crazy time of the day. The kids always get really excited if I sit down next to them and create alongside of them. It’s a simple way to connect at the end of a busy day.

Do you have any other easy activities for kids while you make dinner? Share them in the comments!

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