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Here’s a fun and easy peg or clothespin bee craft you can make with a few basic craft materials and 15 minutes of your time. 

We love how our bees turned out, and they are so quick and easy to make! We have even included a free printable template for the wings.

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simple peg bee craft for kids

My first memory of bees involves getting stung after swatting one when I was five years old. My mum laughed at me and said it served me right – what was I doing attacking a bee? 

I did not love bees right then, but I did learn to respect them.

Bees deserve our respect, and not just for their stings. They are one of nature’s most amazing and fascinating creatures. Without the help of bees and other pollinators, our plants, flowers, and fruit trees would not survive and this would be catastrophic to life on earth.

They are one amazing little insect! Not to mention the delicious honey they make. Can you even imagine life without that?

Bees are totally worthy of recreation in peg-craft style.

You will need:

• Pegs (or clothespins)
• pipe cleaners
• small yellow beads (optional)
• sharpie markers in black and yellow
• small googly eyes
• glue (I always use tacky craft glue)
bee wing template

the materials needed to make easy peg bees

How to:

  1. Decorate your peg with black and yellow stripes
  2. Fold printable in half and cut out one set of wings. Unfold each wing and glue in place
  3. Glue on googly eyes
  4. Cut pipe cleaner in half and discard one half. Thread one bead onto each tip, fold in half and hold in place with peg (or glue them on if you prefer).

how to make easy peg bees process

How to make peg bees with printable wings process photo 2

how to make a cute peg bee process photo

That’s all there is to it!

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Buzz Buzz! He’s off to join his happy dragonfly friends.

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