girl spraying the LEGO brick tower with a spray bottlegirl spraying the LEGO brick tower with a spray bottle

Need an easy outdoor activity? LEGO water play is always a hit!

We love finding fun ways to use toys and blocks in different ways. As part of our Camp Mom Summer Camp at Home we’re playing and creating with LEGO bricks this week!

This spray the LEGO game is easy to set up and helps kick off more play!

Inside this post we share how to set up this simple LEGO water play activity for kids!

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kids spraying down the LEGO towers with waterkids spraying down the LEGO towers with water

Can LEGO bricks go in water?

Yes! According to LEGO, “Standard LEGO® bricks are not harmed by water. Some specially designed one-piece boat hulls will even float on the surface of water, although most LEGO® creations will not.”

How do you set up this LEGO Spray Down game?

This spray the LEGO down game doesn’t need very many materials and is so fast to set up!

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What you need:

laughing girl with a spray bottle doing lego water playlaughing girl with a spray bottle doing lego water play

How to get started

  1. Collect some LEGO or DUPLO bricks and bring them outside
  2. Set up some boxes or laundry baskets and turn them upside down to be tables.
  3. Build LEGO creations/towers on the baskets.
  4. Spray the LEGO creations down!

After kids spray down their creations they can build again and make taller or smaller towers.

This activity lets kids work on problem solving skills and is so easy to adapt for different ages.

Smaller kids can stand closer to their towers and older kids can move further away (or add other elements) to make it more complicated.

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lego water play activitylego water play activity

What are the best LEGO bricks to use for this activity?

For toddlers and preschoolers, we love our LEGO duplo all in one box! Although different themed sets of LEGO are fun, this box allows for so much open ended play because it has a lot of variety.

box of LEGO duplo bricksbox of LEGO duplo bricks

For kids ages 4+ we love our LEGO classic brick box. This colorful brick box allows for lots of creative pretend play!

box filled with LEGO bricksbox filled with LEGO bricks

What are some other simple LEGO play ideas for kids?

Here are a few of our favorite easy LEGO activities:

Do you have any favorite ways to play with LEGO? Tell us in the comments.

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