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Pom pom chicks are a fun kids craft idea for Easter or Spring. They’re soft, fluffy, and oh so cute.

The printable template is free.

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pom pom chick craft

When it comes to crafting, baby chicks are almost always depicted as yellow. Why is that?

In the real world, chickens come in lots of colours. Yellow, brown, black and—my personal favourite—a mixed patchwork of colours.

chick craft for kids

I mean, how adorable is the patchy chick?

You can make a pom pom chick at home too. The template is created in the same way as our pom pom pandas, using our DIY cardboard pom pom maker in the medium size (the template is included in your download to make it easy for you).

pom pom chicks group shot

Lets get started …

How to make a pom pom chick

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Yarn – at least 8 ply but the thicker the better
  • The printable template – card stock is recommended for printing

How to:

Print the template to card stock.

pom pom chick template

Cut around the outer rectangle and fold along the centre line. Glue together with your glue stick.

pom pom chick steps

Cut around the chick, then also cut along the white line and around the centre circle.

pom pom chick steps

Use the template provided to cut out a DIY pom pom maker from recycled heavy cardboard. For more detailed instructions on creating the pom pom maker see here.

Wrap the yarn around the pom pom maker until it’s a fat clump. No specific size, but if your bundle of yarn is too thin it won’t sit right in your chick’s tummy. 

Match the colour of your yarn to the colour of the chick you’re making. For a patchy chick, make the pom pom half yellow and half brown.

Tie a piece of yarn around the centre of the clump before sliding it off the end of your pom pom maker. Then tie the knot around the middle a second time, this time make it as tight as you can.

pom pom chick steps

Slide the yarn bundle into the middle of your chick’s tummy. If you want you can staple the template closed. I’ve done this for my other pom pom animals but on this occasion I’d lost our stapler—but guess what? It still worked anyway.

pom pom chick steps

Use scissors to cut the looped ends of the bundle on both the front and back. You’ll be left with a chick in need of a haircut.

Trim the chick. To make clean-up easy, hold it over a sheet of paper with a crease in the middle. You can collect the pom pom trimmings and use them in other projects, like our fluffy pet rocks.

pom pom chick steps

pom pom chicks

You’re done!

pom pom chicks

pom pom chick craft for kids

Which one is your favourite?

chicks in a row

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pom pom chicks