simple christmas activities for toddlers

What are some easy toddler Christmas activities?

Toddlers have short attention spans and you don’t have tons of time either, so I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite easy to set up Christmas activities for you!

My three key rules of easy toddler Christmas activities are:

  1. They must use simple supplies that you probably already have around the house (or are cheap/easy to find)
  2. They need to require little to no set up time (since who has time for that?)
  3. They need to be ones we can do more than once (or last for a bit).

What types of Christmas activities should I do with my toddler?

In addition to doing easy activities, it’s great to do a variety of Christmas activities with your kids. You don’t just want to do ten Christmas tree themed activities in a row… unless of course they love Christmas trees?

Start by picking an activity based on what your toddler seems most interested in. 

Is she excited about ornaments? or candy canes? Start there.

RELATED: Our Toddler Christmas Activities ebook is a great resource if you need more ideas! It includes printable plans and a Christmas advent calendar. 

This list of activity ideas focuses on some awesome Christmas themes to get you thinking, including Christmas trees, Gingerbread men/women, Wreathes, Stars, Ornaments, Santa, Candy Canes, Jingle Bells, Bows, etc. 

This one stop shop Christmas activity list also breaks down the Christmas activities into categories so you can scan quickly for what you want to try!

In addition to trying a variety of themes for your activities, you can also vary up the type of activities you share with your kids. Try some Christmas science or Christmas movement activities to get kids exploring different materials and getting their bodies moving. 

Not every Christmas activity has to be crafty or involve paint!

This post includes so many different types of activities. You will love them!

Here are 60+ awesome and easy Christmas activities to try with your kids this year!

These activities are broken down into 7 types of activities so you can find what you want to use quickly.

  • Christmas Science
  • Christmas Fine Motor activities
  • Christmas Sensory Play
  • Christmas Arts & Crafts
  • Christmas Games
  • Christmas Movement activities
  • Christmas Snacktivities

Let’s dive in!

Easy Christmas Science Activity Ideas

What science activities are great kids? Our favorites are anything with baking soda & vinegar or water! You don’t have to get super complex when it comes to science experiments. Science activities can help kids develop their observation skills, their understanding of cause and effect, and even help them learn how gravity works!

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Christmas themed science activities

Christmas Cookie Cutter Science– Toddler Approved

Christmas Magic Milk– Fun Learning for Kids

Christmas Sink or Float Science– Toddler Approved

Fizzing Candy Canes by Fun with Mama

Christmas Fizzy Drips Science– Toddler Approved

Dancing Jingle Bells– Modern Preschool

Christmas Ice Star Experiment– Toddler Approved

Melting Snowman activity– There’s Just One Mommy

Christmas Fine Motor Activities

Why are fine motor activities good for kids? Fine motor activities help kids build strong finger muscles. Finger muscles help kids with simple tasks like zipping up a coat, holding a pencil, drawing with crayons, opening or pulling knobs, etc. We love to integrate fine motor skill building into every activity that we do! 

RELATED: Fine motor sensory bins are another way to work on these skills. Here are 10 simple fine motor sensory bins you can use anytime!

easy to set up toddler activities that work on fine motor skills

Christmas Connect the Stickers- Toddler Approved 

Light the Strand Christmas Fine Motor– Days with Grey

Christmas Tree Sticker Wall– Toddler Approved

Holiday Pom Pom Push– Busy Toddler

Sticky Christmas Tree Craft– Toddler Approved

Gingerbread Man Holiday Sticker Match– Days with Grey

Christmas Bead Ornament– Toddler Approved

Sticker Gingerbread House- Toddler Approved

simple christmas activities that help kids work on fine motor skills

Cookie Cutter Puzzles– Toddler Approved

Christmas Paper Ripping Bin– Busy Toddler

Foam Window Tree– Happily Ever Mom

Holiday Sticker Cups by Days with Grey

Christmas Cutting Tray– Mama Papa Bubba

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Activity– Toddler Approved

Christmas Sensory Play Activities

Sensory play allow kids to use different senses and explore a variety of materials in a fun way while being able to build vocabulary and learn new skills. Christmas is filled with so many new sights and sounds! These activities help you explore more of them with your kids. Do you have any other favorite sensory play ideas? Share them!

activities using the five senses

Scoop the ornaments– Toddler Approved

Frozen Pom Poms– Happy Toddler Playtime

Elf Wrapping Station- Toddler Approved

Magentic Sensory Bottles– No Time for Flashcards

Christmas Sensory Board– Toddler Approved

sensory activities for toddlers

Christmas Present Sound Match– Toddler Approved

Jingle Bell Sensory Bin– Busy Toddler

Christmas Cloud Dough– Toddler Approved

Cranberry Sensory Bin– Days with Grey

Christmas Tree Playdough– Homegrown Friends

Christmas Tree Sticky Easel– No Time for Flashcards 

Christmas Arts & Crafts

Christmas activities when I was growing up traditionally included arts and crafts activities! Here are a few favorites that I loved and some ideas that we’ve added to our family’s holiday traditions! One of our favorite ways to be crafty at Christmas is by making our own Christmas ornaments!

Creating homemade toddler Christmas ornaments can really make your tree feel extra special! You can see some of our 15+ favorite Christmas Ornaments here.

Christmas themed crafts for toddlers

Mess Free Christmas Painting– Toddler Approved

Paper Plate Christmas Tree– Toddler Approved

Christmas Lid Ornaments– Toddler Approved

Sparkly Snowflake Craft– Toddler Approved

Giant Gingerbread People– Toddler Approved

Christmas art activities

Candy Cane Collage Craft– Toddler Approved

Gingerbread Man Collage Craft– Toddler Approved

Painting with Ornaments– Toddler Approved

Christmas Cookie Cutter Wrapping Paper– Toddler Approved

Button Christmas Tree Craft– No Time for Flashcards

Christmas Games for Kids

Games are a great way to teach kids skills like taking turns, counting, and sharing. You can also embed all sorts of simple learning skills into games- like learning your alphabet letters or new vocabulary words.

Roll a Christmas Tree game– Toddler Approved

Christmas Toss Game– Toddler Approved

Build a Gingerbread Man Game– Toddler Approved

Gingerbread Boy BINGO Game– Toddler Approved

Ornament Toss– Teach Preschool

Snowman Toss– Toddler Approved

Ornament Number Matching Game– Toddler Approved

Christmas Movement Activities

Let’s get kids moving! So many of our holiday activities are indoors and sitting down, which is why I love these easy ways to get kids up and moving! These movement activities don’t need very many materials and are quick to set up! Getting kids moving and hunting and working the muscles in their bodies helps with their attention spans and also their ability to regulate themselves. These are also great for helping your kids work on following directions.

Christmas activities to get kids moving

Christmas Hunt- Toddler Approved

Christmas Music Workout– Toddler Approved

Christmas Tree Balance Activity- The Inspired Treehouse

Jingle Bell Toss– Toddler Approved

Christmas Yoga– Pink Oatmeal

Gingerbread Man Number Hop– Toddler Approved

Candy Cane Hunt & Match– Toddler Approved

Christmas Snacktivities

Last, but not least. These are my favorite activities. They are SNACKTIVITIES! Snacktivities are a combo between a snack (or treat) and an activity! They get little fingers moving and creating and then also let you do some tasting too! If you haven’t tried any of these yet, add at least one or two of them to your holiday list.

easy Christmas treats for kids to make

Christmas Tree Treat– Toddler Approved

Christmas Brownie Houses– Toddler Approved

Build a Snowman Cookies– Toddler Approved

Christmas Tree Waffles– The Kids Activities Blog

Candy Cane Cookies– Toddler Approved (these take longer, but are worth it!)

Christmas treats for kids

Christmas Reindeer Treat– Fun a Day

Christmas Rice Crispy Treats– Toddler Approved

Easy Christmas Treat– Toddler Approved

Strawberry Banana Candy Cane Snack– NurtureStore

Christmas Apple Wreath– 5 Minutes for Mom

Do you have any other favorite Christmas activities on repeat at your house each year? Tell me about them! We’re always looking for new ideas!

Easy toddler Christmas activities