This game is great for working on letter sounds and blending sounds. Kysen has been working on reading CVC words.  He put a yellow letter(vowel) in the middle and orange letters (consonants) on each side.  Then we practiced reading the words.

It’s also okay if it’s a nonsense word. Reading nonsense words helps build confidence with decoding. Decoding occurs when a student uses his or her knowledge of letter-sound relationships to accurately read a word.

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Bottle tops
18 Egg Carton
Dot stickers

Write the vowels on the yellow stickers and consonants on the orange stickers. 

Grab a 18 egg carton.  Have the child place the yellow letters (vowels) in the middle.  Then have them place the orange letters (consonants) on the outsides.  Once they have places the letters.  Have them sound out the word.  If they need help sound out the words together.  

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