I think the first thing you have to do is take an honest look at yourself. It’s a very difficult thing because it’s so heated. It goes from zero to hero in boiling level, in the heart. It’s a sin issue, first of all and so, we all have a sinful nature. We all have prejudices one way or the other… everybody listening to this does. Even if you are, “I have a white child, a brown child and a Korean child. Okay. That is the spectrum of my children.” Even if you have children from 50 different races, there are things inside of your heart that, whether you like it or not, we won’t say the term racist but, are prejudice in one way or the other.

When I’m here in the South, I love to go fly fishing and there’s river about an hour outside of Nashville. There’s a road that I do not take because I see some bubbas on tractors with some confederate flags on that road and I think, “My jeep’s not very reliable. If I break down here …” Now, what am I doing? I am actually saying that that guy is a danger to me so therefore, there’s something a little racist, even inside of my heart. We have to start with ourselves, asking God to cleanse those areas of our lives and then, I think the second step for anybody, after we’ve asked God to again, begin cleansing those areas in our lives, is to step out and speak.

Don’t be silent. You can’t be silent. I think, in Charlottesville, it actually brought a lot of people in my circle, it brought them out in a loud way that I’ve never seen them speak against it, I’ve never even heard them speak it and suddenly, they were because I think we’re to the point in our country where we have to start saying things and it’s scary for people to say things because again, everybody has a little bit of prejudice in their heart and we don’t want people to think that we’re against them or against one side or the other. No, this is a gospel issue, this is a sin issue. Again, Heaven’s going to look a whole lot more diverse than it does down here so we need to get it fixed down here.