Looking for an easy science experiment to try? Put this fizzy rock science activity on your list! It’s quick to set up and kids love it!

Before you can get started with this activity, you need to go on a hunt to gather a few rocks that are different sizes !

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This fizzy rock science activity uses materials you probably already have around the house and is fun to repeat again and again!

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What you need for Fizzy Rock Painting:

Before you set off on a rock hunt, read Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor. It shares 10 rules that are important as kids hunt for the perfect rock!

Now you’re ready to paint!

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda into each cup of paint to turn it into baking soda paint.

Then, paint your rocks with the baking soda paint!

Pro tip: Put your rocks on a craft tray to contain the mess.

Time to make it fizz!

Fizzy rock science is so exciting! To get the rocks to fizz, squirt some vinegar onto the baking soda paint and watch what happens!

Once all the paint is washed off by the vinegar, paint them again and repeat!

This fizzy rock science activity is different every time depending on the paint colors you mix, so kids love to do it again and again!

As kids participate in this fizzy rock science activity, they’re learning a lot of things and building some new skills!

Skills kids are building:

  • Fine motor skills as they hold the paint brush and as they squeeze and vinegar onto the rocks using their jumbo eye dropper.
  • Gross motor skills as kids hunt around the park or yard to find various sized rocks.
  • Color mixing and color recognition skills as they’re mixing the colors and making new colors and as they’re add paint to the rocks.
  • Language skills as they talk about the colors they see and as they observe the rocks fizz.
  • Observational skills as they watch the rocks fizz and they experiment with the paint.
  • Prediction skills as they predict what will happen to the rocks.
  • And more!

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Do you have any other awesome science projects or fizzy experiments we need to try? Tell us below!

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