Want a fun way to do scissor skills practice outdoors? Try this flower shop fine motor activity that uses pretend play and scissor skills!

Fine motor skills can be practiced in fun and creative ways! Kids can use their imaginations and cool tools to be successful.

What are fine motor skills?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children shares the following definition of fine motor skills: “Many of your child’s daily activities—like getting dressed, eating, and writing—require control of small muscles in the hands. We call these skills fine motor skills. Your child can do more things for himself when he has opportunities to practice these skills.”

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Why are fine motor skills important?

  • Fine motor skills helps kids perform tasks like reaching, grasping, and moving objects.
  • Fine motor skills also help kids learn and develop handwriting and drawing skills.
  • Kids develop a more positive self esteem as their fine motor skills begin to grow and they can do more on their own.
  • Fine motor skills help kids be able to be more independent and rely on adults less.

Flower Shop Fine Motor Activity

Supplies needed for this flower shop fine motor activity:

  • Flowers (Repurpose flowers after an event or when you’ve been given flowers and they’re dying)
  • Scissors (we love the Fiskars scissors)
  • Table
  • Buckets/pails
  • Pitcher with water
  • Flower Shop sign (we just used paper, markers, and tape to make ours)
  • (Optional) Toy cash register (if you want to have fun with money skills)

Setting up your flower shop activity is quick and easy! You only need to do a few steps!

Flower Shop Set up:

  • Set up a table
  • Add some pails and vases
  • Add some buckets of flowers
  • Place a few pairs of scissors nearby for snipping
  • Make a sign that advertises your flower shop


This activity is fun for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to cut and it can also be a blast for big kids too!

Give older kids a mason jar to put their flowers in. Encourage them to snip and arrange the flowers to make a beautiful bouquet for someone they love.

Big kids will have just as much fun as little ones cutting flowers and putting them in vases or pails!

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Do you have any other favorite fine motor skills activities? Tell us about them in the comments!