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Who can resist newly-hatched chicks? These fluffy chick cards and gift bags are soft to touch just like real chicks, and they’re super-easy to make too.

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Fluffy chick Easter cards and bags

These chicks are eggstra-special, want to know why? They’re made from the upcycled yarn trimmings of the pompom chicks we shared a couple of weeks back. The yarn is glued onto basic egg-shaped templates giving them a baby-fluff texture. 

Cute fluffy chick

Optional extra texture has been added using shredded paper for ‘straw’. I made this with our document shredder, but if you don’t have a shredder at home you can buy pre-shredded paper at the dollar store. The cards don’t really need it though, the chicks look just as sweet with hand-drawn legs instead.

The good thing about this Easter card design is it’s SO easy to batch-produce a bunch of them at once for all of your family and friends.

Lets get started on the craft …

How to make fluffy chick Easter cards

You will need:

  • our free printable egg template
  • pom pom trimmings in yellow and brown
  • card stock paper
  • optional – blank paper gift bags 
  • optional – shredded yellow paper
  • our free printable googly eyes (or draw your own with a black marker instead)
  • Orange card stock for the beaks
  • PVA or school glue and a brush

How to

Print the small egg template onto card stock. If you want to make a yellow chick, yellow paper works best. For brown or black chicks print to dark coloured paper. For the patchy chick I’ve used tan paper but yellow would also work.

paper eggs template printed to cardstock for making fluffy chick cards

Cut the egg shapes out and place your pom pom trimmings on a paper plate. 

Brush PVA glue onto one side of an egg shape. Completely cover it with glue.

Press the egg shape into the pom pom trimmings to cover it in fluff. You will need to give it a little shake to remove the loose wool, and press the remaining wool on gently, covering any empty gaps. 

dipping egg shapes in pom pom trimmings to make fluffy chicks

Repeat with more egg shapes.

Glue a pair of paper googly eyes directly onto the fluff. Use our pre-made printable eyes or draw your own with a black marker on a bit of scrap white card stock.

Making fluffy Easter chicks

Cut an orange triangle from a scrap piece of orange card stock, or cut it from white and colour it in orange with markers. Glue onto the fluff for a beak.

Cut some little wing shapes from the scrap of your egg-shaped printout. 

Now your chick is ready to be turned into a card. Glue the chick and wings onto a folded card or a blank paper gift bag. If you want to decorate a larger card or gift bag you could use multiple chicks.

Making fluffy Easter chicks

Glue a layer of shredded paper underneath your chick so it looks like it’s sitting in straw. Alternatively, draw a pair of chicken legs on with a sharpie marker. 

Fluffy chick cards and gift bags

You’re done!

Your friends and family are going to love them.

Adorable fluffy chick Easter cards

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Adorable fluffy chick cards