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Print, play and learn with this fun set of frog lifecycle for kids printables. The set includes an interactive, lift-the-flap playmat and an accompanying set of sequence cards.

Get the template here

Frog lifecycle printable interactive play mat for kids with an accompanying set of sequence cards

Many times in the past we’ve raised tadpoles into frogs so the girls can watch and observe their metamorphosis. This is a fascinating project for kids of all ages and I highly recommend it.

I’ve always intended to create some printable resources for parents and teachers to go along with this activity – now I’ve finally gotten around to it.

frog lifelyle for kids learning resources. Printable play mat with lift-the-flaps, and a set of sequence cards

The play mat in this set shows the various stages of tadpole-to-frog development hidden under flaps in a pond setting. There are some eggs hidden under pondweed, tadpoles under a rock, tadpoles with legs under a lotus flower, and a froglet under the last rock.

To complete the set, there is a paper 3D frog to make. He is the right size to hop around the lily pads and rocks on the pond so this provides an opportunity for imaginary play.

Frog life cycle printable sequence cards

The sequence cards feature matching illustrations of each stage so kids can put them in order. 

The play mat needs to have the flaps cut out and glued on, but this is really easy to do – I promise!

How to make the frog life cycle play mat

frog life cycle printables

You will need:

  • The template printed onto card stock (also available in our TPT store)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Scoring tool or blunt butter knife
  • Ruler

Making the Pond

Score the fold lines marked on the tabs template.

scoring the fold lines on the frog life cycle play mat

Cut out the outer rectangular shapes and the shapes of the frog.

cut out shapes

Fold along the lines you’ve scored. Glue the piece marked with a number back to back with the piece marked with writing.



Cut the outline of the shape out, then glue onto the play mat in the corresponding place (it will be marked with the same number).

play mat with open flaps

Complete for each tab.

Making the Frog

  1. Cut out the shapes
  2. Glue tab and bend into a cylinder shape to make the frog’s body
  3. Fold tabs on legs, then glue on the white side (the back of the tabs) and attach to the frog’s body on each side

frog craft

Making the Cards

Print to card stock and cut along the lines.

frog cards template

Now all there’s left to do is play! With the sequencing cards, you could print out two copies for a simple memory match game too.

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