Hey guys this is my friend Carl. These pictures are a couple of weeks apart. He denied God and hated him since he was 5 years old. He ran around and got high and drunk for the majority of his life. He went to prison for nearly 10 years altogether and he literally destroyed everything around him. A couple of months ago he came into our church for the first time in 35 years. He came with an open mind and a willing heart because life had reared its ugly head and had him on the brink of destruction. I looked back during the service and watched the power of God fall in that sanctuary and I immediately saw him bawling his eyes out. We didn’t even get to the preaching yet because we were still singing, praising and worshipping. We didn’t even make it 15 minutes in that service before he ran to that baptismal tank. Today, he’s a worshipper. Today, he’s a believer. Today, he’s my brother in Christ. It’s like the old song says…”there’s just no telling what you’re gonna do, in that moment Jesus gets ahold of you!!!!” Praise God!!!!
Show him some love, y’all.
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