What Halloween activity supplies do I need? Inside this post you’ll find Halloween activity, art, and baking supplies that will help you have fun with toddlers and preschoolers all October long!

Halloween is such a great theme to embed into your activities, art, and baking time during the month of October. There are so many super simple activities that you can do with just a few materials.

I’ve compiled our “must have” materials for the Halloween season in this post along with activities to go along with them. These are activities that we have been repeating year after year for awhile because kids love them so much.

Halloween Activity Supplies

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These Halloween supplies & activities encourage kids to explore science concepts and their five senses.

Easy Halloween Activities

Here are eight quick to set up activities that toddlers, preschoolers, and older will enjoy, using the materials in the list above.

  1. Pumpkins & Golf Tees
boy pounding colorful golf tees into a pumpkin

2. Pumpkin roll (or eyeball roll)

plastic eyeballs and pumpkins rolling down vinyl rain gutters

3. Halloween rice sensory bin

girl playing with pumpkins in colored rice

4. Halloween kinetic sand sensory bin

two kids playing with kinetic sand and plastic pumpkins

5. Playdough & Halloween cookie cutters

6. Pumpkin Volcanoes

7. Halloween Oobleck

8. Monster Ice

Halloween Art Supplies

There are so many cool art activities you can try at Halloween. I prefer art ideas that are open-ended, simple to set up, and allow for a lot of creativity! These four Halloween art activities paired with the supply list below are fabulous.

Easy Halloween Art Activities

Grab the supplies listed above and you’re ready to try these simple Halloween art activities.

  1. Decorate the Pumpkins
pumpkin decorating with stickers for kids

2. Spooky House Craft

3. Finger Painted Monsters

4. Paint the Pumpkins

Halloween Baking Supplies

Baking is a great way to connect with your kids. It also allows you to explore measuring and math concepts. Here are the baking supplies I keep on hand along with the Halloween baking activities we love.

Go here to find more favorite Cooking with Kids supplies.

Easy Halloween Baking Ideas

These four Halloween baking activities are so yummy and kids love them! Have you tried any of them before? If not, try one!

  1. Spooky Brownie Houses

2. Brownie Monsters

3. BOOnanas

4. Pumpkin Cookies

Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween picture books are one of the most important tools to use with toddlers and preschoolers. They are so helpful as you introduce a new activity, build vocabulary, and explore a new theme.

Go here to find our favorite Halloween picture books for kids.

What are popular Halloween supplies/tools that you use during October for playing and creating? Do you use any of the same ones as us? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

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