Need an easy Halloween craft for kids? Try this low prep spooky Halloween paper bag craft! Little kids and big kids will love this!

When you’re hosting a Halloween party or trying to find a simple activity for kids to make, the best ideas don’t require fancy materials or a lot of prep. That’s why we love these easy spooky house paper bag crafts for Halloween.

This craft is an invitation to create spooky houses. You provide the materials, the kids pick what direction they want to take this activity. If this activity is done right, all the spooky houses will look different.

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What you need to make this Halloween Paper Bag Craft:

  • Stickers
  • Colored construction paper (we used black, purple, green, and orange)
  • Brown paper lunch sacks (big or small)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Crayons

Why are crafts good for kids?

Crafts help kids develop a lot of great skills. Crafts are typically art activities that allow kids to create while using their hands. They can be open-ended, with a lot of freedom for expression, and closed with more specific directions.

Here are a few reasons crafts are good for kids:

  • Develops Fine motor skills
  • Improves Dexterity
  • Improves Hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages creativity
  • Allows kids to express themselves
  • Increases self esteem
  • Helps them think critically
  • and more!

How to get started with this Halloween Paper Bag Craft?

The instructions for the Halloween paper bag craft are pretty simple.

  1. Cut a piece of paper to be a roof. Use any color paper.
  2. Cut paper into small rectangles and squares to be windows and doors.
  3. Glue the windows onto the brown paper bag.
  4. (Optional) Fold them over if you’d like to make them pop out a bit.

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5. Add a door.

6. Stick on stickers!! We like to hide the stickers inside the doors and have them pop out and surprise anyone who comes to the house.

7. Finally, glue (or tape) your roof on your house and let it dry,

Using stickers, cutting with scissors, and sticking paper on with glue are all great ways to help kids build string finger muscles, which are important

Make sure you listen as your child creates. They will probably come up with all sorts of stories of things happening in their spooky Haunted House craft.

Ways to adapt your younger toddlers

Make this activity easy for younger toddlers by having the paper pre-cut into squares and rectangles to make it easy to make windows.

Pull the backing off the stickers so that kids have an easier time with pulling the stickers off without grown ups.

Do you have any other favorite Halloween crafts you’ve tried? Tell us about them in the comments.

We love these Shape Haunted Houses by Happy Toddler Playtime. There are also cool spooky house decorating kits you can find.