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Make a paper pumpkin basket with this printable template, perfect for Halloween or Fall crafting fun with the kids!

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Paper pumpkin basket craft for Halloween with printable template. This is an easy kids craft idea which is perfect for Halloween or Fall crafting! #pumpkin #pumpkincraft #kidsccraft #printables #printablecrafts #thecrafttrain #superfunprintables

The finished pumpkin basket could be filled with small sweets and given as a gift, or used as a festive Halloween decoration idea. It’s a bit too small and flimsy for actual Trick or Treating though.

The pumpkin template comes in both full colour and line art so kids can colour their own. The example in the photograph is the line art version printed to orange construction paper.

We recommend you use heavy weight stock for the paper, especially if you plan of filling the basket. Paper will also work, it just won’t be quite as sturdy.

You will need:

  • The pumpkin basket template (enter your details into the box above and it will be emailed to you)
  • Card stock paper in orange or white, or ordinary paper if you have no card stock
  • Scissors & double sided tape
  • A blunt butter knife or a scoring tool
  • ruler

printable paper pumpkin basket craft

How to:

  1. Print the basket out. If you’re printing to orange paper use the line art version, and if printing to white you can use either.
  2. Use your blunt knife and ruler to score along the fold lines (scoring creates an indent which makes them very easy to fold neatly).
  3. Use your double sided tape to stick the flaps down, stick on the handle and you’re done.

finished pumpkin basket

kid holding paper pumpkin basket

Trick or treat!

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