Need an easy Valentine’s Day art activity? This heart suncatcher craft is simple to set up. Kids love sticking things to contact paper too, so it is sure to be a hit!

Tissue paper suncatchers are a classic craft that preschoolers have been doing for ages! If you haven’t tried one with your kids, yet, do it! Spin art suncatchers are another easy to set up favorite.

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Tissue paper suncatcher crafts are beautiful because they catch the light as it comes through the window. They are a simple and festive way to decorate for holidays and are extra awesome because making them gives kids something to do too.

What do you need to make a suncatcher ?

This heart suncatcher craft only needs a few materials. You probably have most of them already! I love to save tissue paper from birthday gifts and set it aside for crafts like this.

Here’s what you need:

  • Tissue paper (a variety of colors)
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Construction paper
  • Clear tape

How do you make a suncatcher with tissue paper?

Making a heart suncatchercraft is super simple. Today we’re going to make one with contact paper and tissue paper.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Cut out some hearts from construction paper and then cut out the inside of the hearts to make a large heart outline.
  2. Next roll out your contact paper, sticky side up.
  3. Then, peel off the backing of the contact paper and stick the heart outlines onto the paper.

4. Press down the hearts so that there are no wrinkles and they are secure to the contact paper.

5. Cut around the hearts to remove them from the contact paper.

6. Stick the hearts onto a window, sticky side out. I used clear tape to stick my hearts on to the window.

7. Cut your tissue paper into small pieces. This is a great time for kids to work on their scissor skills.

8. Stick the pieces of colorful tissue paper onto the contact paper hearts.

Cutting and ripping tissue paper are great ways to help kids build their fine motor skills.

Tissue paper is easy to tear and cut, so it is wonderful to use with kids who are just learning to explore scissors or like to tear paper.

When kids are first introduced to contact paper, they may be more interested in touching the sticky paper than sticking stuff onto it. That’s ok! Let them explore the contact paper.

Kids also love touching tissue paper. It’s lightweight and so colorful! If your child is more interested in sifting through the tissue paper or cutting it, that’s great. Give them space to explore the materials before suggesting they stick the tissue paper on the hearts.

This Heart Suncatcher craft can liven up any room and make it feel like you’re ready to celebrate!

Warning: Tissue paper is fun to toss like confetti too! After our activity was finished, I let my daughter toss the leftover tissue paper because she was so intrigued by how it fell. Afterwards, she helped me clean it up. Not only did she explore gravity and colors, we had a lot of fun too.

Don’t be scared of a little mess. Pick your battles. Notice, we threw tissue paper, not glitter.

Have you tried a tissue paper art activity with your kids before? This Heart suncatcher craft makes me smile every time I walk by it, thinking of the fun we had exploring the colors and creating together!

Have any other creative tissue paper art ideas? Share them below.

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