The history of Valentine’s Day involves two great love stories of St.Valentines who were believed to have been martyred on Feb. 14th. However, today the holiday is much less about honoring martyrs of the faith and more about lavishing our loved ones with gifts and words of affirmation. Let us be careful to not miss the hidden gem for all of us on this special day – that God is the author of love and loves us greater than any single person could.

Whether you eagerly anticipate the holiday with chocolates, Hallmark movies, and candlelit dinners, or you’re hurting and more lonely than ever, these prayers for Valentine’s Day will remind you of the true source of love. A love that celebrates our holy matrimony, and love that weeps when we hurt, and a love that cheers us on toward His plan for our lives. Let’s take some time today, and every day, to thank those around us for their love and most importantly, to turn it back toward God.