Wendy and Shirley have launched a series of (almost) weekly video chats, where in a conversation of about 10 minutes, they chat about topics and issues that affect homeschooling families.
After more than 20 years of homeschooling, they have ‘been there and done it’ and have valuable insight and lessons from their experiences to share.

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Christian Homeschooling: What is it? How does it work?

As parents who chose to homeschool our children to give them a Christian worldview we share our thoughts of what we could have done differently, what some of our favourite curriculum are and some of our wisdom from the trenches.

Juggling Life and Getting it All Done
Homeschool mom or not, there are many good things to do, but are they best? And how do we give each child individual attention? This video holds some tips for moms who are struggling to “do it all”!

Homeschooling Preschoolers
Early learning is not about learning to read, write and do maths. Letting our preschoolers grow and develop at their own pace in a learning rich environment is shown to produce much better abilities later on as they pick up more formal academics. So what should you do in the preschool years?

Overwhelmed by All the Choices?
There are hundreds of homeschooling programmes to choose from…how are you meant to decide? Shirley and Wendy talk about how to make the best decision, deal with the anxiety about making a mistake and some personal anecdotes about what really matters.

Homeschooling on a Budget

Whether it’s due to loss of income due to lock down, or whether one parent is giving up a full time job to homeschool their children, here Shirley and Wendy share some ways to homeschool on a tight budget.

Bad Homeschooling Days? How to Handle Them!

We all have them…”bad” homeschooling days. Today Shirley and Wendy chat about what the issues and curveballs are and how to reclaim the day!

Eclectic Homeschooling? What is Eclectic Homeschooling? How does it work?
Shirley & Wendy share what their own eclectic home education journeys looke/d like and encourage parents to tailor make their children’s home education to suit their interests and needs instead of buying a boxed curriculum.

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Most homeschoolers go through a season of have multiple ages and grades in the home and it is a juggle to get through the day with a sense of humour and relationships in tact. Today’s video we discuss some tips and techniques for juggling multi-age and multi-grade home education.

Developing Patience as a Homeschool Mom

Have you ever thought: “I could never homeschool, I don’t have the patience!” Or has anyone said to you: “I wouldn’t have the patience to homeschool my own children! I don’t know how you do it!” In this video we share how patience a skill learnt as we grow with our children.

Be Set Free from the School Mindset

Do you find yourself comparing your homeschooling to what is being done in a school, even if its just in the quiet of your own heart? Be set free from these comparisons which only seek to undermine your happy homeschool journey.

What is The Best Curriculum?

Parents often ask us, “What is the BEST curriculum?” This chat focuses on the ins and outs of choosing the best one for YOUR family!

What to Do with Kids During Lockdown (2020)

Due to the lockdown in South Africa there is a huge need to encourage “temporary” homeschoolers and existing homeschool moms with some different stay at home ideas for you and your children. Charlotte Mason to the rescue! Enjoy.

Dealing with Bias in History – How to Raise Discerning Learners

How we handle bias in our history program – Footprints on Our Land – to develop critical thinking skills, good discussion and debating ability and to understand that the only way to know “for sure”is to develop research skills.

Multilevel Homeschooling with Footprints

Footprints on Our Land allows you to teach many children of a broad range of ages at one time – and each can take away as much as they can, and apply what they have learnt in their own way. Time saving, money saving and simple for Mom!

Why Reading to Our Children is So Important

Reading aloud to your children offers hundreds of benefits for growing minds, filling gaps, developing critical thinking and building relationship.

Why Footprints Makes Homeschooling Easy for Moms

Discover the ease of using one of our 3 Footprints programmes: Little Footprints 4-8yr – South Africa in picture story books Footprints on Our Land 7-12yrs – our heritage

Testing – Is it Necessary for Homeschoolers?

Do we as homeschoolers need to test our children’s knowledge? How do you know your child is learning? How do you know they have passed one grade to the next. Come and listen to a freer way for your home.

Who is Charlotte Mason? What is Charlotte Mason Homeschooling?

Charlotte Mason has inspired many homeschoolers over the years and her legacy of home education lives on 200 years after her death. What makes her so special? How have we incorporated her principles into our Footprints programs?

Relaxed Homeschooling

When days are going hard, or you and your children just need a break and to do something different, who gives you permission to pack up the books and go have fun and recharge your batteries?