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What’s the best way to celebrate National Superhero Day? With simple superhero themed activities for kids, of course!

Inside this post we’ll share how to celebrate National Superhero day! We even included the PJ Masks, some of our favorite superheroes, in our celebrations!

What is National Superhero Day? National Superhero Day is a fun holiday that is celebrated on April 28th each year. It’s a day to honor all the superheroes in our lives- both real and fictional.

Your checklist for how to celebrate National Superhero Day!

Here are 7 ways to celebrate National Superhero Day!

  1. Dress up in a superhero costume!
  2. Make a superhero obstacle course
  3. Listen to some superhero music 
  4. Watch your favorite superhero show
  5. Play some superhero games
  6. Host a superhero dance party
  7. Make a special snack

Check out each of the seven activities in more detail below! Your kids will love these super powered ideas!

1. Dress up as your favorite PJ Mask hero! 

Every holiday is better when you take time to get in costume. Dive into your dress up bin or use your creativity to make something original using supplies you already haveI My daughter loves Owlette from PJ Masks, so of course that’s what she picked to wear!

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2. Make a superhero obstacle course

Kids can strengthen their Gekko muscles and build their super skills by setting up an obstacle course! Use any materials you have around the house. You don’t need more than a few activities for kids to try!

Why are obstacle courses great for kids? 

Besides being fun, of course, obstacle courses get kids moving their bodies and using their muscles. They also help kids build strength and balance. As kids create their own course and then navigate through it with their bodies, they develop their ability to problem solve too.

Here are a few favorite tools we like you use when building obstacle courses:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Pool noodles
  • Laundry baskets
  • Painters tape
  • Kiddie pool
  • Frisbees
  • Hula hoops
  • Bubbles
  • Streamers

Do you have any other favorite tools? We’d love to hear about them!

3. Listen to some superhero music

My kids love any excuse to listen to music. This National Superhero Day one way you can rock out is with all new music from the PJ Masks. You can stream the PJ Masks music here starting with the new single, Make Your Move.. It’s catchy and has a great beat. I love that the songs have positive messages and encourage kids to be kind, try new things, and get their bodies moving in different ways.

4. Watch your favorite superhero show

After lots of running around, put your feet up and watch your favorite heroes on screen. You can find all new PJ Masks episodes on Disney Junior, or even host your own PJ Masks marathon with episodes now on Disney+ and Netflix!

You can even enter to win your own pair of PJ Masks headphones to use while you watch your favorite shows. Head over to my Instagram (@KristinaToddlerApproved) to enter the giveaway starting on 4/28/21.

5. Play some superhero games

Heroes don’t just exercise their bodies, they exercise their minds too! These PJ Masks superhero themed activity sheets help you do both! 

Use the PJ Masks Dance Party & Make Your Move Activity pages while you stream your favorite PJ Masks tunes. Kids can try out so many cool dance moves. Use the QR code on the activity pages to find the new songs!

Play your own PJ Masks board game using the Power Game Activity page. Kids can roll the dice and play the games on the board that they land on (ex. Simon Says, Hide & Seek, etc). 

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6. Host a superhero dance party

Show off your super moves with a dance party. Dancing always seems to turn the day around at our house and help kids (and adults) feel happier and more energized. 

7. Make a special snack

Snacks are extra delicious when they are superhero themed! Make a snack or a treat using your favorite superhero colors! 

We decided to make fruity yogurt popsicles using PJ Masks colors (green, blue, and red). They were so easy! Here are the instructions:

How to Make Superhero Yogurt Popsicles

What you needed: Vanilla yogurt, Strawberries, Blueberries, paper cups, popsicle sticks, foil, mixing spoon, kid-friendly knife, green food coloring.

How to make superhero popsicles:

  1. Cut strawberries into thin slices
  2. Add some green food coloring to vanilla yogurt and mix.
  3. Put green yogurt, sliced strawberries, and blueberries into a paper cup.
  4. Cover the cup with foil and add a small slit in the top.
  5. Put a popsicle stick through the slit and press it into the yogurt.
  6. Freeze for 4-5 hours.
  7. Pop the popsicle out of the cup and eat!

These yogurt pops were so delicious and quick to make!

Do you have any other fun ideas for celebrating National Superhero Day? Tell us in the comments! We’d love to hear about them!