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Make an I can help the Earth pop up book!

This simple cut and paste pop up book is a fun way to get kids thinking about how they can help the Earth on a personal level by recycling, reusing, saving energy and saving water.

Get your copy of the template here

Earth Day pop up book craft for kids - I can help the Earth prompts

Let’s talk about the way we talk to our kids about the environment.

The media is full of stories about the dire consequences of global warming, the plastic waste problem and even the mass extinction of species (including possibly ourselves!). This news is alarming, depressing, and anxiety-inducing. It’s a big weight to put on the shoulders of a little person. 

While some adults need to be shocked into taking action, these stories have a heavier impact on children who have no filter for these kinds of feelings. It can make them feel very worried and scared for their future and for the animals and world they love. Eco-anxiety is a real term, and it’s affecting the young more than anybody else.

But, as humans, we are the ones who have the power to make a positive impact too.

So instead of negative talk, let’s talk more about the way we need to care for our Earth and the things we can do to help. Little people can make a big difference!

This I can help the earth pop up book reinforces those helpful things: Recycling, Reusing, Saving Energy and Saving water. It has easy cut and paste graphics with fill-in-the-blank prompts for kids to come up with their own action plan to help the earth.

Earth day printable activity for kids - make an I can help the Earth pop up book

How to make an I can help the Earth pop up book

You will need

How to

  1. Print the template out.
  2. Cut each pop up page out, and match each with the graphic for that page.
  3. Cut out and colour in the cover.
  4. Fill in the blank spaces and colour the words and graphic.
  5. Fold the pop-up page in half and cut along the two black lines in the centre. Fold the tab forwards, then backwards whilst the page is still folded, then unfold to create a pop-out tab.
  6. Cut the graphic out and glue to the tab.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each page.
  8. Fold the cover along the two fold lines. Glue the individual pop-up pages together into a book, and glue the cover around the outside.
    Be careful that the pages are all the right way up before you
    glue them together.

Earth Day printable template activity for kids

cut the pages in half to create the pop up book pages

Cut out the tabs to create the pop up tab

Colour the graphic and page, fill in the blanks and stick the picture onto the pop up tab

Earth Day printable activity for kids – a page from the pop up book, The thing I love most about my planet is...

glue the pop up pages together and then glue the cover on

I can help the earth pop up book activity for kids

So simple, and a great resource to have on hand if eco-anxiety strikes!

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