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Meet Peppermint and Candyfloss, two very lucky spiders. These guys are one of 17 easy sewing projects featured in the book Sewing Simple Softies by Trixi Symonds (of Sew A Softie fame) and Deborah Fisher (from Fish Museum + Circus).

You can order a copy of the book here.

Sewing simple softies book with lucky spiders

Do you know what I love most of all about being a craft blogger? The friendly blogging community. To make it clear, these guys are my competition; we all vie for the same traffic, keywords, and followers. But, without their help and support, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. 

It’s a collaborative kind of community, and this book, Sewing Simple Softies, is a wonderful example of that.

I was pleased to be one of 17 designers asked to contribute a project, and came up with this pair of lucky spiders. The stick-up-the-butt thing in this photo was purely for the purpose of turning them into puppets for my video — you can leave those out if you wish!

Lucky spiders

Why are our spiders lucky?

It’s true that lots of people would consider themselves unlucky to come across a spider. Very unlucky, even. Especially spiders as big as these two, haha.

However, in many cultures throughout history, the sighting of a spider has been associated with luck and money. In ancient China, a spider dropping down from above was taken as a sign that one would be blessed with gifts from heaven. In ancient Rome, people would carry amulets bearing images of spiders to help ward off poverty. Folklore claims that dreaming of a spider is a good omen unless it bites you (you’ll lose wealth), or you kill it, which foretells — you guessed it — bad fortune!

So if you can’t stand the sight of an actual spider, make a cute softie version instead. Who knows? It might just bring you good luck.

But our lucky spiders aren’t the only project in the book …

Sewing Simple Softies — a project book for kids

The book features an eclectic range of simple sewing crafts. There are animals, food, flowers, shells, mermaids, and more to make at home.

softie crafts for kid featured in the Sewing Simple Softies book

All projects have full instructions, a pattern, and a little bit about the designer who created the craft. There is also a section on sewing basic stitches and a guide to sewing with kids.

Sewing Simple Softies would make a great gift idea along with a few basic craft materials like soft felt, sewing needles, and thread.

The only question is, which one would you make first?


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