Paw Patrol toys on the floor along with a paper that has Paw Patrol photos on it.

Ryder and the Paw Patrol gang are here to save the day with this simple toy hunt for kids!

Hunts are pretty much the bees knees over here.

Need a simple activity to pass the time? Try a hunt!

Want a way to get kids moving and learning? Ding ding, make a hunt!

This toy hunt is easy to put together whether your child loves Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, or matchbox cars! You can make one for any theme or type of toy.

Inside this post I’m sharing how to put together a simple printable toy hunt along with our printable Paw Patrol hunt that you can download!

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taking photos of Paw Patrol toys on a white backdrop

Why are hunts so awesome?

They are super easy to set up active ways to get kids learning, moving, and having fun… with limited effort on your part.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here’s how to get started and make your toy hunt!

First off, you’ll want to gather all your toys that you want to feature and have a toy photo shoot. We picked 20 of our favorite Paw Patrol toys and their vehicles and photographed them on a white background (white paper against the wall and on the floor- see above).

My kids helped pass me the toys and I took the photos. You could probably delegate that job to your big kids if you have them too.

Next, you can do two things.

  1. Easiest- snap a screen shot of your phone’s camera roll (featuring the toys- see below) and then send that screenshot to print. Easy peasy.
  2. Still pretty easy- use some sort of collage program on your phone or computer and put the photos into it to create a you card. You can even get fancy like we did and title it. We used to make ours.

white squares on a piece of paper each featuring a Paw Patrol character or vehicle.

Once you have your toy hunt card, you’re ready to PLAY!

Don’t want to make your own Paw Patrol hunt card? Just click on the link below and download ours.

Download our Printable Paw Patrol Scavenger Hunt Card HERE

girl smiling holding a Paw Patrol scavenger hunt card

How to get started with a toy hunt

First, hide the toys that are on your card.

For young toddlers and preschoolers, make sure the toys are partially visible so that the hunt isn’t too hard. You want them to feel successful!

Next, give your child a hunt card and a pencil/crayon/stickers and have them start looking for the toys!

Once they find a toy, they can scribble on top of it’s picture or put a sticker on it and then keep hunting for the others.

two girls and one boy leaning on a couch, writing on a piece of paper

For older kids, make sure you hide the toys in silly and more challenging places!

My big kids got a kick out of the creative places that I hid the toys.

After you play once, switch up who hides the toys and who hunts and play again!

yellow Paw Patrol toy inside a kitchen pot

We spent over an hour playing our Paw Patrol Hunt earlier this week. Even my 12 year old got into because the hiding spots were so hard for him and he thought it was awesome.

Toy hunts are a great activity for multi-aged groups of kids. They are easy to adapt to different ages/stages as well!

This rainbow toy hunt from Hands On As We Grow is another fun way to get kids moving and playing!

hand holding a Paw Patrol scavenger hunt card with all the squares Xed out

A few weeks ago we did a Stuffed Animal hunt with a similar format and it was also a hit with all four of my kids. If you need something to get your kids moving and thinking and being creative, try a hunt!

Do you have any other favorite types of hunts? Tell us in the comments.

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