This is our first Christmas in Florida and the boys were missing the fireplace we use to have at our house in Georgia, so we decided to make our own! This was such a fun family project.  We all love the way it came out!

Cardboard Boxes
Red Wrapping Paper
White crayon or oil pastel
Small string of twinkling lights
The cardboard roll from the wrapping paper

First we grabbed some boxes we had around the house.  Then we taped them together with clear packing tape.

Next the boys wrapped the boxes with red wrapping paper.  Then they used a white crayon to draw some bricks on the paper.


Once the boxes were wrapped and drawn on, they put the fireplace together.  Then they added some decorations to the top, stocking holders and our stockings.  


Once it was set up the boys decided they needed to add some fire.  A pan, small string of twinkling lights, couple of sticks and the cardboard from the wrapping paper would do the trick! 

Kysen decided he wanted to add a painting above the fireplace.  He got working on The Starry Night by Van Gogh.  I was blown away at how beautiful his art came out.  We decided to frame it!  


The boys couldn’t be happier with how their fireplace turned out! 

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