How do you make a homemade bubble blower? It’s so simple! All you need is a straw and a plastic cup!

No longer will you need to fish those teeny tiny bubble blowers out of the bubble juice. This quick to make homemade bubble blower is easy for kids to use and is great for building their oral motor skills too!

What are the benefits of blowing bubbles?

Did you know that in addition to being fun, blowing bubbles helps kids develop the small muscles in their mouths? According to the Early Intervention Clearinghouse, “Strengthening these muscles is important for developing their ability to form clear sounds when speaking and to eat and swallow safely.”

What’s the best bubble blowing solution?

Tear free bubble bath works great for bubbles, but our absolute favorite bubble solution just uses Dawn dish soap and water.

RECIPE: Just slowly mix 1/2 cup of Dawn dish washing soap and 3 cups of water together.

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DIY plastic cub bubble blower

How to make a homemade bubble blower?

To make a homemade bubble blower you only need two things.

  • plastic cup
  • plastic straw
  • knife (or sharp scissors)
  • pan

Homemade bubble blower instructions:

  1. Start by putting a small hole in the bottom of the plastic cup with a knife or scissor.
  2. Push the straw through the hole so that it is about halfway through the cup.
  3. Dip the mouth of the cup into the bubble solution and then blow!

The slower you blow the bubbles, the larger they can get!

If you blow slowly and then blow quick, you can get the balloon to launch off the cup and fly into the air.

After blowing a lot of bubbles, my kids even had fun playing catch with the bubbles. It was the coolest! See bubble catch in action here.

After we blew a lot of bubbles we even blew bubbles into the pans.

What started with one kid… led to all four of my kids sitting around the table playing, experimenting, sharing ideas, and having fun together.

Worried about a bubbly mess? Take it outside. It’s raining today so we played inside… although now I’m wondering what would happen if we tried blowing bubbles in the rain…🤔

Science activities like this bubble activity are cool because they offer opportunities for
☑️ working together
☑️ problem solving
☑️ observing
☑️ trying new things
☑️ experiencing failure
☑️ experimenting
☑️ using your creativity
☑️ fun (of course!)
And more!

Have you ever made a homemade bubble blower before? Tell me about it!

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