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Upcycle a matchbox into a munching matchbox monster puppet

Today we’re showing you how to turn a humble matchbox into a DIY toy which is fun to make at Halloween or any time of year. It’s also a great recycling craft.

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matchbox monsters

Have you ever noticed how matchboxes open and close like a munching mouth? A very hungry-looking munching mouth with hundreds of needle-sharp wooden teeth.

I thought this made a great base for a new recycling craft for kids, and turned some used matchboxes into munching monster puppets. Although our monsters have harmless paper teeth.

Want to make one?

You can make your munching matchbox monster puppet completely unique, just change the eyes (or eye), horns, ears and nose to whatever your imagination comes up with. 

How to make a matchbox monster puppet

You will need:

  • A matchbox (we’ve used the larger sized ones)
  • acrylic paint
  • paper
  • Lead pencil
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to:

Paint your matchbox in whatever colour you want your monster to be. Also paint the inside. When painting the outside of the inner part of the box, be careful not to put the paint on too thick or you will have trouble opening and closing your muncher.

matchbox ready to be painted

On the printed outside of the box, you will probably need to do two coats of paint to get it opaque-looking.

matchbox painted

Once the paint is dry, draw the monster features on paper.

monster drawing for matchbox monster craft

To make the teeth, mark the size of the bottom edge of the matchbox and create a row of teeth to fit exactly. Or, just make a couple of fangs.

Glue the paper parts on, and add a little fringed piece of paper to the bottom for chin hair.

matchbox monsters with mouths closed

matchbox monster with mouths open

Watch out, these guys are very, very hungry!

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