Need an easy activity to keep your kids busy on Thanksgiving? Try this mess free turkey activity! All you need is foam, water, and a paintbrush.

The house is clean. Your Thanksgiving guests are arriving in a few hours… and you need something to keep the kids occupied.

Try this easy mess free turkey activity that you can do on an easel, in the shower or bathtub, or on a window!

Set up only takes a few minutes!

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What you need for this mess free turkey activity:

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Prep ahead by cutting a turkey head out of brown foam and then adding some eyes, a beak, and a gobbler to it. Tape it together for quick set up.

Next, stick the foam turkey on the other side of the glass using tape or water. This way the kids can see the turkey looking at them, but they can’t remove the body.

Finally, cut out some turkey feathers from the foam. Keep the feathers on the kid side of the glass.

Fill up a cup with some water and add a paint brush.

Now you’re ready to play!

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How to play with this turkey activity

  1. Take your paintbrush and dip it in the water.

2. Paint on the window (or easel or shower wall) with water.

3. Stick the foam onto the wet window! Watch what happens. The kids will probably be surprised to discover that foam + water will stick on the window!

It’s so cool!

Kids can paint the foam shapes and then stick them onto the window and they will stick too!

Creating art with foam and water is always a hit with kids because it combines two of their favorite activities- water play and art!

Don’t have foam sheets to make a turkey? Keep it simple and grab foam shapes or numbers/letters and play with those! You can see this foam letter activity in action here.

Foam shapes are such a great bath time toy, but you can use them for so much more, including activities outside of the bath!

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Share any others that you love in the comments!