Need a simple way to introduce counting to kids? Try this easy monster counting game for preschoolers! It’s quick to set up and so fun!

As you probably know, we love hunting games! Scavenger hunts, hunt where you match objects, etc. You can find some of our 40+ favorite learning hunts here.

Not only do I get a little mom break while kids do hunts, my kids work on all sorts of skills while they move and learn! We practice letter recognition, learning colors, number recognition, counting, learning our names, and more!

This activity can be adapted for any skill that you want to work on with your child.

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Hunts like this monster counting game for preschoolers, don’t require very many materials.

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Here’s what you need for the hunt:

In addition to helping kids learn to recognize numbers, this activity gets them counting! They count the eyeballs on each monster to figure out how many eyeballs each monster has total!

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Here’s how you set up this Monster counting game for preschoolers:

  • Tape a piece of paper to the floor and draw some monsters!
  • Draw a different number of eyeballs on each monster.
  • Write numbers on post-its to match the number of eyeballs
  • Hide the post-its or papers with numbers on them.
  • Encourage kids to find the numbers and match them to the monster with the same number eyeballs as the number.

This counting game was fun to do with kids in all ages and stages!

Littler kids who don’t know their numbers: Help them match something to the monster (matching monster pics, matching colors, etc)

Older kids: Help them count the eyeballs and match the number post-its to the identical monster with those same number of eyeballs. Repeat!

This is not only a fun learning activity, but it can be an awesome Halloween party activity too! Hunts are always a hit!

Do you have any other favorite Halloween games we should add our list? Other activities? Please share in the comments!