Want to know the easiest game to play on New Year’s Eve? This New Year’s Eve Bingo game for kids is a hit at our party every year! It’s simple to set up and fun for a range of ages of kids!

Bingo is a great game to play with kids because it’s visual and kids love the sense of satisfaction they feel as they cross off each picture or cover it up.

Why is bingo fun for kids?

  • It’s social!
  • It improves teamwork if they play together with a teammate.
  • It works for a variety of ages of kids (and adults!)
  • It’s competitive but skill isn’t really needed to play.
  • It’s an inclusive game that anyone can play.

How is bingo beneficial to kids?

In addition to being fun, here are some of the benefits of playing bingo:

  1. Teaches kids new vocabulary words (and reinforces words they already know)
  2. Helps kids practice patience as they wait for their pictures to be called
  3. Allows kids to interact with another adult or sibling/friend and build a relationship while they play
  4. Exercises hand-eye coordination as kids mark their cards
  5. Helps kids build their attention skills as they listen and watch what pictures are called

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What you need for this easy New Year’s Eve Bingo Game for Kids:

How this New Year’s Eve Bingo Game for Kids works:

  1. Print out a Bingo card for each player (either full page or a half sheet)
  2. Give each player a Bingo dobber or Bingo markers to mark or cover their squares.
  3. Cut out the pictures from one board to use as calling cards.
  4. Hold up one picture and say the name. Each person then covers that picture or crosses it off.
  5. Continue showing each picture to the kids and have them mark them off.
  6. When a player gets three pictures in a row covered, they yell “BINGO!”
  7. Keep playing till everyone gets BINGO or someone gets blackout and covers all nine of their squares.
  8. Once you’re finished, swap boards (or print another board) and play again!

Make New Year’s Eve extra fun for your preschooler with this simple game! Toddlers and big kids can play too!

Pro Tip when playing with toddlers/young preschoolers:

Print the same board for all toddlers/preschoolers so that everyone wins at the same time. Toddlers and preschoolers play Bingo for social reasons and language skill building. The game doesn’t need to be competitive at such a young age.

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