2. Social Issues Distraction

There are so many causes that we are confronted with on a regular basis. They are too numerous to mention in this article. However sometimes the emphasis on the social cause distracts from the goal of the spiritual cause.

One major reason we engage with our communities is not just to change earthly conditions, but to change eternal ones as well. One of the purposes of social engagement is to bring a Biblical position and solution into the community to address the need of that community. When we do this, we position ourselves to be the light in that community.

However the distraction comes because, for many, we focus only on the earthly and forget the eternal. Let it be that we champion causes with the perspective of meeting the needs of the people, while at the same time bringing them the hope of the gospel.

3. Media Distraction

We all are prone to get distracted by media. In this regard I am referring to all forms of media, including social media, which is fast becoming the sole choice of many for how they gather and acquire information. While the access to information is great, it can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it helps us obtain more knowledge. The curse is that same knowledge can become a distraction.

All media is designed to do one thing: to keep you watching and consuming it. That’s why social media, for example, allows you to scroll, because studies have shown if you keep scrolling you will stay on the screen longer. That’s why television media give you headlines and teasers because they are trying to keep you watching. If you are not careful you can become consumed with this stuff and it can easily pull you away from the mission. I always find it interesting how people will proclaim that Satan has so influenced the media, then these same people will spend so much time consuming it.

Is there any wonder people are distracted and not focused? We have to make conscious efforts to separate ourselves from the distraction of media, so that we can be shaped by the word of God and by prayer. Often when you spend so much time consuming media, remarkably those two things seem to disappear from your life.

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/D3sign