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Make a gorgeous paper flower card using our latest printable template.

This stylised flower card was designed with Mothers Day in mind but would also be great for get well soon, thank you, birthday or as a teacher appreciation card.

Get the template here

Paper flower card with printable template

The world over, flowers are used as symbols of love. We give them to people when we want to thank them, show them we care, brighten their day or to mark special occasions. It’s amazing how a bunch of flowers can make a person feel appreciated and bring a smile to their face.

That must be why we give flowers on Mothers Day. Nobody works harder or more selflessly than our Mums (and us Mums can testify to that, right?).

Make Mum (or Mom) a paper flower card this Mothers Day, they’re almost as good as the real thing when it comes to making somebody smile.

This easy kids craft is suitable for ages 5 and up with basic cutting, glueing and folding involved.

How to make a paper flower card

You will need:

  • The printable template. You can get your copy in our printables store or in our TPT store
  • Card stock in bright colours for the flower, yellow or orange for the stamen, and green for the leaf
  • Paper straws (you could alternately use craft sticks or dowel rods)
  • Glue stick
  • Tacky craft glue, hot glue gun or sticky tape to attach the flower to the straw

How to:

  1. Print the template out. 
    If using the “At Home” template: print to white and either trace the shapes onto coloured card stock before cutting out, or hold the shapes over coloured card stock and cut them out together.
    If using the “classroom set”: print directly to coloured card stock through your printer.
  2. Cut the shapes out.
  3. Fold the tab down on the flower at the back and glue the front shape to the tab.
  4. Glue the flower stamen onto the back of the card in the centre.
  5. Write a message inside the card before gluing to the straw stem.
  6. Glue the paper flower to the straw stem.
  7. Glue the leaf shape around the base of the stem.

materials needed for paper flower cards

cut the shapes out

easy flower card idea

easy mothers day card idea for kids - paper flower cards

It’s hard to beat a hand made card don’t you think?

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