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Create a paper flower wreath craft to decorate for the season. This one has been made from warm-hued Autumn colours to decorate for Fall. You could easily switch this to bright colours and add a few paper leaves for Spring or Summer too. For a Christmas-themed wreath you could make paper Poinsettias.

This is a fun and easy Autumn DIY for older kids and adults to make. If you’re crafting with younger kids try this clay leaf mobile from air dry clay instead.

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paper flower wreath craft for Autumn or Fall

I love making things from paper, and paper flowers are one of my favourites! Who says you can’t decorate with flowers for Fall? 

The flowers on this wreath are similar to our cupcake case flowers which we turned into a Spring garland one year, only these ones are made from construction paper and have pretty quilled paper centres.

Lets get started…

You will need

  • construction paper in Autumn colours
  • cardstock or recycled cardboard for the wreath base
  • lead pencil
  • scissors
  • tacky craft glue or a hot glue gun
  • burlap fabric – you can purchase this as ribbon which is ideal. You can also cut sheet burlap into strips
  • The printable paper flower template

How to:

Print the flower template directly onto coloured paper. You can make as many flowers as you like, but print to at least three different colours to get some variety to work with.

Roll the swirly pattern to make rolled flower centre.

wreath craft steps

Cut out the flower shapes. Fold each flower in half one way, then in half the other way. Now create creases along the petals using your fingers to gently fold them. You will need two paper flower cutouts and one rolled centre to make each flower for the fall wreath. It’s up to you how many you create.

wreath craft steps

Glue two paper flowers together and then stick the rolled paper on the center of the flower.

wreath craft steps

Now make some more flowers…

wreath craft steps

Decide how big you want your wreath to be – a side plate makes a good size. Trace around it onto card stock or scrap recycled cardboard (which would be thicker and heavier), then trace a smaller circle inside. You could use a compass to draw your circles with greater accuracy if you prefer. Or, you can simply use store-bought wreath base. 

wreath craft steps

Apply some glue on the open end of the burlap and attach it with the base. Start to wrap the burlap lace around the wreath base. Continue to wrap nice and evenly.

wreath craft steps

If required, add another burlap lace by simply overlapping the previous wrap. You can stop wrapping the burlap once the whole base is covered. Apply glue at the end to secure the wrapping and cut off extra burlap lace.

Gather the paper flowers and burlap wreath and begin gluing the flowers on.

wreath craft steps

Arrange the flowers nicely and attach them with the base. You can fill the whole wreath with flowers or cover a portion of it as we have done – it’s up to you.

After completing the flower wreath, you can make a looped piece of string and pull it back through itself around the wreath so that you can hang it on the wall or door.

Autumn wreath craft

Isn’t it pretty?

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paper flower wreath craft