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Are you sick of using plastic googly eyes? Then our free printable paper googly eyes are for you!

You can incorporate these googly eyes into most craft projects in place of the plastic version for a more eco-friendly craft.

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free printable paper googly eyes

You know those teeny-tiny plastic googly eyes that are used in craft projects all around the world? They might be little, but they still won’t bio-degrade for another two hundred years or so. Worse, when you put all those itty-bitty pieces of plastic we’ve used together they could probably pave a road from here to the moon and back again… five times!

When you glue plastic onto a recycled craft, it kind of defeats the purpose of recycling in the first place.

As a craft blogger, I can’t talk. In fact, I’m MORE guilty than everybody else. Not only have I used plastic googly eyes in numerous craft projects, but I’ve shared the ideas and inspired other people to use them too.

Folks, I have a ton of plastic pollution on my hands and I’m not proud of it. This is why I’m sharing a better solution today.

Free printable paper googly eyes

googly eyes made from paper — a free printable sheet of googly eyes

Our free printable paper googly eyes come in four different sizes on one sheet. There are a range of different designs to choose from so you can pick the right ‘eye look’ for your project. They also have a thick black border so they won’t lose the outline when you cut them out.

All you have to do is print, cut and glue!

Card stock is recommended for sturdiness but paper works too.

printable sheet of paper googly eyes

It couldn’t be easier than that, and because they’re made of paper, that makes them compostable too.

Hand puppet made using paper eyes and blue tack

Store your paper eyes with your craft construction paper — one sheet should last for ages. You can also save the pdf file to your computer and print out more whenever needed.

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printable paper googly eyes for kids