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These paper heart people are a fun Valentines Day craft idea for kids. Make one for yourself or give one to somebody special!

Get your copy of the template here

Paper heart people printable valentines day craft for kids

Do you know someone who needs cheering up? Never fear, the paper heart people are here!

They mighty be a bit funny looking, but they have a great big heart and they’re here to spread their love and happy vibes around.

Valentines craft idea for kids – paper hear people with printable template

Valentines craft idea for kids – paper hear people with printable template

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and this is also true with paper heart people.

Each one has their own unique personality shining through their black and white cartoon eyes. I have drawn the eyes on these ones with a felt tip pen but I have also created a printable sheet of eyes which you can cut out and stick on if you’d rather not draw your own. 

One thing you should know about paper heart people is that they love company and will get very, very lonely if they have nobody to be with. For this reason the instructions give you enough pieces to create two paper heart people at once.

Paper heart people Valentine craft idea for kids

Want to make one? They are super easy to put together, here’s how…

You will need:

• This printable Paper Heart People template
• Construction paper in your choice of colours
• Glue stick
• Stapler
• Scissors
• Optional black felt tip pen if you want to draw your own eyes

How to:

  1. Print the template onto white paper and select two sheets of construction paper in different colours (any colours!)
  2. Staple the template directly over the top of the two sheets of construction paper, one staple in each corner. Cut the shapes out.
  3. Separate the white shapes from the coloured shapes and lay the coloured shapes out.
  4. Select a body shape and glue it together at the back, then glue on the matching legs and arms. Select the heart shaped mouth and tummy in the alternate colour and glue into place.
  5. Choose a set of eyes from the template (or draw your own with black felt-tip pen) and cut them out to glue on.
  6. There should be the exact amount of pieces left to put together a paper heart person in the opposite colours so the first one has a friend to keep it company.

All done!

paper heart people instructions

These two cuties are off to spread the love!

Paper Heart People Valentines craft for kids