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Create a gorgeous paper tulip craft using our printable template.

This is a fun Spring craft idea and the finished woven paper basket of tulips looks great hanging on the wall. Paper weaving is great practice for fine motor skills too.

Get the template here

paper tulip craft for kids with printable template

Who doesn’t love tulips? They’re so colourful and bright. 

This paper tulip craft is suitable for ages 6 and up (approx., depending on the level and ability of the child) and gives kids fantastic opportunity to practice fine motor skills with easy cutting, gluing and paper weaving.

I’ve designed the template to suit both those crafting with kids at home, and those crafting with a group of kids. The at home template has all elements on one page. The classroom set has multiples of each shape on a page so you can print them directly to coloured construction paper.

You will need:

How to:

  1. Print the template out.
    For the at home template: print onto white paper and staple the white pieces over the top of coloured construction paper before cutting them out. For the tulips, cut out one shape and then trace around it onto coloured paper to create 7 tulips.
    For the classroom set: print pages directly to coloured paper
  2. Cut out all the shapes and fringe the basket base by cutting along the black dotted lines
  3. Weave the three strips horizontally through the oblong basket base by threading it over and under the fringed strips
  4. Glue the basket base to a coloured background of your choice
  5. Arrange the tulips and leaves above the basket base, then once you’re happy with the arrangement, glue them down. I’ve chosen to glue three tulips to the top row with four along the bottom row overlapping the top row, but this is flexible.

tulip paper craft ready to assemble

tulip paper craft in progress

assembling the tulip paper craft

paper tulip craft for kids with printable template

We think they turned out so pretty!


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