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For those of you who love the Despicable Me movies (*that’s me*), we have a treat for you today. A Minion pencil topper, perfect for back to school themed crafting and a cute and easy sewing project kids will adore.

The Despicable Me movies have been a firm favourite on our own family movie nights, and can always be guaranteed to make us laugh no matter how many times we see them! The cheeky minions lend themselves so well to crafts because they’re made of such simple elements. Yellow, blue, a single googly eye and a smile. Oh, the possibilities…

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felt minion pencil topper sewing craft for kids

These minion pencil toppers make a fun way to personalise your kid’s back to school stationery supplies, let’s get started!

How to make a pencil topper minion craft

You will need

How to:

Trace the templates on to felt in the appropriate colour and cut them out.

Grab the front body (base) cutout and the grey strip. Place the strip on the yellow base pattern horizontally, near its top side. Also, grab the 3 circle cutouts. Place the small circle (black) on the medium circle (white) and then place the medium one on the big grey circle.

Grab the 3 small circles together as they are and place them right on the middle of the grey strip (on the base). Prepare needle and thread to stitch the spectacle and the eyes together. 

Use black thread to stitch a smiley mouth below the eye.

Place the blue square cutout on the yellow base by matching them along the bottom straight ends.

Place the yellow base on the brown base. Prepare needle and thread.

Keep the bottom end intact and start to stitch from a side. I did flat blanket stitch.

minion sewing craft for kids

Stitch all the way to the other side. Tie a knot or two and then cut off extra thread.

Insert the pen or pencil through the bottom open end of the felt minion topper.

How to craft a minion pencil topper

Experiment with the eyes by placing the dot in different places on the white base to make it look up, down or to the side.

These two are off to scribble in a notebook somewhere!

Minion themed fun


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