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I love a good monster craft, and these monster pencil toppers are no exception! 

Making some monster pencil toppers would be a perfect way to keep your own little monsters busy in the holidays for when they go back to school. 

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Cute and easy monster craft for kids - monster pencil toppers hand sewn from felt #monster #kidscrafts #penciltopper #backtoschool #halloween #monstercrafts #thecrafttrain

Our monster pencil toppers are hand-sewn from felt using blanket stitch which is super easy once you get the hang of it and becomes a useful life skill for kids to have.

Sewing is also a great way to help kids develop patience and fine motor skills, plus they’ll end up with the coolest pencils in school!

The finished monster pencil toppers would make an adorable hand made gift idea or a non-candy Halloween treat (c’mon, I know you’re all thinking ahead like me).

hand holding monster pencil toppers, an easy felt sewing project for kids

Want to make one?

Monster books for kids


Supplies needed to make felt monster pencil toppers

You will need

How to:

Select felts for the pencil topper. Use any colour you want for the all the patterns except for the eye. Use white felt for the big circle and black felt for the small circle to make the eye of the monster.

step 1 to making a monster pencil topper

Take any one of the base cutouts and the 2 circle cutouts for the eye. Place the black circle on the middle of the white circle and then place the 2 circle cutouts on the upper (circular) part of the monster base cutout.

I used a bit of white thread to stitch a small dot pattern on the black felt. Use black thread to stitch the black circle and then use white thread to stitch the white circle with the monster shape cutout. 

Place the 2 base cutouts on a flat surface. Place the 2 antennas along the top side of the plain base; by overlapping about a cm with the top side of the base and the bottom sides of the antennas. Place the straight ends of the hand cutouts along the 2 sides of the base cutouts (the one with the eye).

step 5 to making monster pencil topper

Place the eye stitched base on the top of the plain one, keeping the antennas between the base layers on the top end.

Stitch a smiley face using black thread before stitching around the sides.

Use a matching thread to stitch around the outside using blanket stitch. Start to stitch from one corner and work your way around to the other corner. Remember to keep the bottom edge unstitched so you can slide it onto your pencil.

Once the stitching is complete tie a knot or two and cut off any extra thread.

Monster craft idea – pencil toppers made from felt #monster #kidscrafts #penciltopper #backtoschool #halloween #monstercrafts #thecrafttrain

These little monsters can’t wait to go back to school!

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Hand sewn felt craft idea for kids – monster pencil toppers #monster #kidscrafts #penciltopper #backtoschool #halloween #monstercrafts #thecrafttrain