What are some fun sensory activities? This easy penguin ice sensory play activity is quick to set up and lets kids explore icy textures.

Why is sensory play so important for kids? It encourages motor skill development, supports language development, helps kids explore problem solving and critical thinking, and is so much fun!

You’ll love this simple ice play activity using penguins!

PS- If you don’t have penguins, any other animals or toys you have can play in this ice bin too!

What you need for this easy penguin ice sensory play activity:

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  • Ice cubes
  • Toy penguins
  • Small plastic tupperwares
  • Large Sensory bin
  • Water
  • Blue food color
  • Optional: Eye dropper

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How to set up some ice sensory play with penguins at your house:

Start by filling up some tupperware containers with water and freezing them overnight in your freezer.

Next, fill up a large sensory bin with some ice cubes.

Then, add the big pieces of ice from the tupperware container.

Finally, pour in some blue colored water (dye it with food coloring) and you’re ready to play!

Give your kids some fine motor tools, like tongs or eye droppers, to help them pick things up and squeeze out water.


See this penguin ice sensory bin in action below! Like these quick tutorial videos? Join our Membership Community and have access to three activity videos each week (plus a weekly activity plan).

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In addition to the fine motor benefits of ice play, when you add toys like animals to a sensory bin, the experience typically turns into imaginative play.

Imaginative play helps kids build their imaginations and practice turn-taking and building social skills. Kids of all ages have fun with sensory bins- adults too!

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Do you have any other favorite ways to play with ice?